Order of Merit 2020

Conditions of Competition

1. The Competition shall comprise aggregating points accumulated in events played under the RandA Rules of Golf and sanctioned as a “Glamorgan County Golf Union Order of Merit event”. The County Executive shall sanction such events as from time-to-time it determines appropriate.

2. The event is open to any amateur Male member of a Club affiliated to the Glamorgan County Golf Union who holds a current CONGU® “c” handicap.

3. At each event points will be awarded according to the table below

4.If scores are tied at the end of a Competition the first and second place tie shall be decided as per the Conditions of Competition of the event. Points are awarded to the winner of the event as 1 in the table. All other tied scores will be awarded the average of the points gained by the tied players.

Examples: Four players, A, B, C, and D tie on 146 in the Neath Bell. According to the COC applied by the Neath Club (Count-back). Player A is declared the winner by the Club and receives 20 OOM points. Players B, C and D then receive (16 + 13 + 11) / 3 = 13.33 points.
Three players P, Q and R have tied 36 Hole scores in the County Championship. The Championship COC require a play-off. In the play-off Player P is eliminated after the required holes and ultimately player Q wins over R in sudden-death. Player Q receives 30 points and players P and R receive (25 + 21) / 2 = 23 points.

5. Where, for whatever reason, a 36 hole event is restricted to 18 holes the points shall be allocated as in column 4 of the above table.

6. Only disputes in respect of eligibility and the award of Order of Merit points will be dealt with by the Championship Committee. Their decision in respect of such disputes shall be final.

7.  Disputes in respect of the Competition shall be decided by the Organising Committee of the event. Again their decision shall be final.