Channel League v Cornwall 2019

Radyr Golf Club / 2nd June 2019

Channel League v Cornwall 2019

County Continue Winning Ways

Finding a Radyr course in superb condition with true fast greens the team took early advantge and lead a strong Cornwall team 3.5 to 1.5 after the morning foursomes. This lead proved crucial. As always the singles were closely fought and the match ebbed and flowed with the final result being in doubt throughout the afternoon.

It came down to 4 tight matches in the middle / late  order. All were either 2 up or down going up 16. In the games that were down neither Ian Flower nor Jordan Price-Davies could turn things round So it was left to Radyr player Gareth Seward and Southerndown’s Llew Matthews. Both lost the 16th and Gareth went through 17 and found a tricky lie and decided to attempt an escape of which Phil Mickelson would have been proud.

Unfortunately he produced a shot of which  I would not have been proud and flew the green to be further away for his 4th.  To his credit he then produced a shot of which Mickelson would have been proud and put it stone dead. His opponent, probably fazed by what was going on three-putted. Gareth’s win gave us 7.5.

Llew also lost 16 to be 1 up. then he misjudged the strong following wind and went just through the back of 17 and with his opponent on the green faced a tricky up and down. He made it and, guaranteed the 0.5 point and the match win. A win on 18 put llew 2 up and gave us an 8.5 to 6.5 win.

Individual scores to follow…