Glamorgan County Golf Union League Rules

(As Applying April 2018)

The Tournament shall be played between Clubs affiliated to the Glamorgan County Golf Union, and such other Clubs as may be admitted at the discretion of the Committee.

The Tournament shall be played according to the Rules of Golf as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

Club Teams

A Club may enter up to three teams and the entry fee per annum for each team shall be such sum as decided by the Committee.


The Committee shall divide and allocate the teams into as many Divisions as is practical. Teams may have two teams in the same Division and those two teams must play the two fixtures against each other before any other matches are played.


The teams shall play against all other teams in the same Division on a home and away basis. These Matches may, by mutual agreement between the Clubs, be played on a neutral course.


The Tournament shall be run from April 1st to August 31st annually and each Match shall take the form of three foursome matchplay games over 18 holes. The result of a Match, as decided by the number of games won, being two points for the winning team; and one point to each team for a Match drawn.


The dates and times of fixtures when a Match is to be played shall be mutually agreed upon by the Club Representatives. Failing agreement to arrange a match: the match will be played on the date to be decided by the Committee, of which at least 10 days notice will be given to the respective Clubs.
Postponement/rearrangement of an agreed fixture shall be by mutual agreement. Requests for rearrangement would normally require a minimum of four days notice (inability to field the strongest team will not be considered a sufficient reason for postponement).
A  team that concedes / fails to fulfil a match for reasons not acceptable to the Committee will be deducted 2 match and 3 game points.

End of Season Ties

In the event of a tie at the end of the season, where promotion or relegation are concerned, the aggregate total of Games won will be taken into account. If still a tie the games halved shall be taken into account, followed, if still tied by the aggregate result of the two matches between the clubs. If it remains a tie then the Clubs shall play off on a neutral course, should the “play-off” be tied then one player pre-selected, from each team shall play-off until a hole is won.

Promotion And Relegation

At the end of each season the two teams at the bottom of the Premier Division shall be relegated into the First Divisions and replaced by the top team from each of the First Divisions. In the First , and subsequent, Divisions the bottom two teams shall be relegated and in the Second and subsequent Divisions the top two teams promoted.

Team Members

Male amateur golfers who are Club Members are, subject to Union acceptance, eligible for team selection. Players must have a current (not suspended) CONGU®Handicap. Any member, having represented a club in the Inter-Club Tournament shall not, in that season, be eligible to play for another club in the Tournament. Teams that include an ineligible member shall forfeit the Match not just the game with the ineligible player.

First Team Members

Clubs entering two teams shall nominate, before playing any first or second team Matches, six members who shall constitute the club’s first team for that season. A list of these nominated players must be dated and posted in the club. A member whose name appears on the first team list is ineligible to play for the second team. A team which includes an ineligible player shall forfeit the Match.

Additions To The First Team

Any member, in addition to those listed, may play for the first team, but having played for the first team on more than two occasions shall be ineligible to play for the club’s second team. Where a club has three teams there is no requirement for a nominated second team. However a player who has represented the first or second teams more than twice (in total) becomes ineligible to play for the third team.

A team that includes an ineligible player in any game will forfeit the Match 3 – 0, not just the game in question.

Match Captains

Match Captains are responsible for ensuring that a list of first team members and copies of the fixture lists for first and second team matches are received by the League Secretary by 30th April. No points will be awarded to either first or second teams until the first team list and fixture dates for the clubs’ teams have been received by the League Secretary. Undue delays in forwarding either of the above lists or a Match result can lead to a forfeiture of points.

The Match Captain shall determine the order of play for his side.

Conduct of Matches

Matches shall be played using the medal tees applying at the time of the fixture. The use of temporary greens is not normally acceptable and, with the exception of an immediate emergency (where the agreement of the visiting captain must be obtained), the Committee’s permission must be obtained before any temporary green can be used.

The home team captain shall enter his team, and its order of play, on the scorecard and hand it to the visiting captain who will then enter his team and its order of play.

Lateness on the tee. If a player arrives at the starting point more than 30 minutes later than the agreed starting time, in the absence of circumstances that warrant waiving the penalty the player and his partner shall lose the first hole. The penalty beyond 35 minutes is disqualification of the player/pairing. (Rules of Golf Rule 6-3, also Appendix 1 part C and the Decisions on the Rules of Golf 2000-2001, Decision 6-3a/3 will give some guidance). However discretion should be exercised, particularly as the Committee will rarely be available to adjudicate, (Decision 2/5 should be considered) and the ability to complete the Match in daylight should be of significant importance in reaching any decision.
Inability to reach a result on the agreed fixture date. If it is not possible to complete a League match on the agreed fixture date, the result of all completed games shall stand and clubs should make every effort to resume the incomplete games at the place where play was suspended.

If it is not possible to fix a date on which all members of incomplete games can resume play, then those games shall be declared null and void and be replayed at a subsequent date with each team free to alter its original team.  Players in games which have been completed cannot take any further part in the match.

Mobile Phones: The use of mobile phones (except in an emergency) during matches is not permitted.

Transportation: Players should walk at all times unless permission to ride has been given by the Committee.

Note: permission will only be given in exceptional circumstances, providing the Committee receives a written application from the player’s Club, together with a letter from the player’s doctor confirming the need. Additionally the player must obtain the permission of the Club where the Match is being played prior to the date of the match.

Distance Measuring Devices

The use of permitted distance measurement devices is allowed PROVIDED  that the Club where the match is being played has adopted a Local Rule permitting their use. Where no such  Rule has been adopted their use is NOT permitted. [In away matches it is essential that the player checks  the situation since the penalty for use where not permitted by Local Rule is disqualification.

League Score Cards

The Match Captain of the home side is responsible for completing the League Score Card and for ensuring that the results are received by the League Secretary within 36 hours of the match being played.

Reporting by email is the preferred method. The email address for results: If the surface mail is used it is the team captain’s responsibility to ensure results are posted first class on the day following the match.

Where the Executive decide that a Team has been in significant breach of this Rule during a season the Team will be cautioned that a repeat in the following season, without an acceptable reason, will result in automatic relegation (or double relegation should the team finish in a relegation position).

Results of matches not received by the League Secretary more than 14 days after the last date permitted for completion of fixtures will not be included in the Final League Tables, unless there are significant extenuating circumstances.

Wherever possible the results should be sent via e-mail either to: