GCGU Social Media Policy


Glamorgan County Golf Union understands the
importance of new technology for children and young
people’s development. However we recognise that
relevant safeguards need to be put in place by sports
organizations to ensure children and young people remain
safe whilst online or using social media.

All Junior golfers must:

be responsible for their behaviour when using
the intemet and other online media, when
attending a county event or representing the
county, Including the resources they access and
their use Of language.

not deliberately browse, download or access
material that could be considered offensive or
illegal. It-they accidentally come across any
such material, they should report this to an

not use social networking or the internet to
send anyone material that could be considered
threatening, offensive, upsetting, bullying or

understand that these rules are designed to keep them safe and if they are not followed their parents/carers may be contacted.

prepared by Teg Bevan the Glamorgan County Union Jan 2016