Although we couldn’t fit a meeting in, this April, a load of work has been undertaken and much discussion has taken place about moving things forward for Glamorgan Juniors in 2021 and 2022.
Here is a summary of the situation at the beginning of May:

The under 18s and under 16s squads attended a day long session at Parc Golf Club, set up by Jonathan Williams and led by Neil Matthews. The golfers thoroughly enjoyed the day and the facilities were excellent. Team Managers, Jonathan David and James Coombes were there to support.

The Development Squad have had successful days at Pyle and Kenfig and The Vale. These have been organised by Paul Melding and having attended a couple of them I can say that the youngsters have benefitted immensely from these sessions. The sessions were run by Huw Williams at Pyle and Kenfig and Keith Williams at The Vale.

The under 14 coaching sessions, arranged by Roger Chaffey will start in mid May and go on throughout the summer. I must thank Jonathan, Paul, Neil, Huw and Keith for the quality of coaching I have seen so far and my thanks to Gareth, our secretary, for making sure all the safety protocols are followed. We are incredibly lucky to have such an enthusiastic team of quality coaches and managers.

Junior Championship.
The secretary at Aberdare Golf Club has confirmed that everything is all ok with the date of Wednesday July 7th. This is a school day but it seems to be ok as it is a County event, which schools allow pupils to attend. We will also be holding a team event as well as individual prizes.

Junior Leagues.
As per the communication from Golf Wales it would seem that it is now ok to play foursomes. It is, therefore, our intention to play foursomes in 2021. The main reasons for this are that it can be run safely and will provide better, fairer matches, for all clubs, than singles. There will be extra rules to follow, for safety reasons, but they will be straight forward and logical. We also propose running a team championship, within the Junior Championship.

Mark Evans
Junior Chairman.
May 2021