1.  Title

The name of the Union shall be the Glamorgan County Golf Union (the “Union”).

2.  Aims and Objectives

The Union is established to:

  • Promote and sustain amateur golf within the County of Glamorgan
  • Organize such activities, as the Council considers desirable, for the benefit of member clubs of the Union and their male members
  • Arrange a County Championship, other competitions, leagues, fixtures and meetings it considers appropriate for the players of member clubs
  • Determine all matters arising from such arrangements
  • Co-operate with the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and the Golf Union of Wales on all matters that are considered necessary

3. The Royal & Ancient Golf Club and the Golf Union of Wales

The Union recognises the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews as the ruling authority on all matters regarding the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status and accepts to be bound thereby. Further, the Golf Union of Wales is recognised as the Handicapping Authority for all member clubs.

4. Membership

Membership of the Union shall be open to all golf clubs situated within the recognised historical County of Glamorgan.  If a club is situated in an adjacent District and is a member of the Golf Union of Wales, it may apply for membership, which will be considered by the Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final.

Any club wishing to resign its membership shall give notice in writing before the 31st of December in each year, failing which the club will be liable for the ensuing year’s subscription.

Member clubs must be prepared to make their course/courses available for Union events as and when required.

5. Governance of the Union

The control of the Union shall be undertaken by a Council, which shall comprise Officers of the Union and Delegates from member clubs.

Each club will be entitled to two Delegates on the Council. Clubs may send other additional representatives to  Council Meetings but they will have neither speaking nor voting rights.

The Officers of the Union are as defined in Rule 6.

There shall be an Executive Committee as defined in Rule 7.

6. Officers

The Officers of the Union shall be:

  • The President, who shall hold office for a maximum of four consecutive years
  • The Chairman, who shall hold office for a maximum of four consecutive years
  • The Honorary Secretary
  • The Honorary Treasurer
  • The Match Captain

All Officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of Council. Nominations for Officers shall be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary at least twenty-one days prior to the Meeting.  The Officers shall hold office until the termination of the next Annual General Meeting.

7. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Union, the Vice Presidents, the Trustees, and twelve persons elected from member clubs. The Annual Meeting of Council shall elect members from clubs in the east and in the west of the County, the division being along a straight line drawn from Nash Point through Merthyr, or any other geographical line that is agreed by the Executive. The elected members shall hold office for up to three years. Retiring members may seek re-election.  In addition the Executive may appoint a person to represent the clubs at which the County Championship is held, that person must be a member of one of those hosting clubs.

The Executive Committee shall appoint a specific Sub-Committee to administer Junior golf within the Union, with responsibility for coaching, competitions and matches, including financial responsibility, subject to the over-riding control of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may, from time to time and for any purpose, appoint other Sub-Committees, whether composed of Members of the Executive or not.

The Executive Committee may appoint any members of a member club to fill any vacancy that may occur between Meetings of Council. Such appointments shall be effective for the remainder of the term of office of the person vacating office.

Subject to the directions of Council, the Executive Committee is empowered to deal with all business of the Union arising between Annual Meetings of Council. It has the right to interpret the Rules, subject to confirmation at the next Annual General Meeting.  It shall consider and decide on applications from clubs for membership of the Union in accordance with the Rules.

The Honorary Secretary shall act as Secretary to the Executive Committee. He shall summon meetings and keep correct Minutes of the proceedings.

8. Annual General Meeting of Council

The Annual General Meeting of Council (“the Meeting”) shall be held in the month of February in each year at a place determined by the Executive Committee. At least twenty-eight days’ notice of the Meeting shall be given by the Honorary Secretary to each member club of the Union. Twelve delegates, in addition to the Officers present, shall form a quorum for the Meeting.

The Meeting shall consider such business and conduct elections of Officers as required under these Rules. In addition it shall elect Vice-Presidents, Trustees, a Reporting Accountant and such others, as it deems necessary for the proper conduct of the Union’s affairs.

Nominations to elect members of the Executive Committee must be received by the Honorary Secretary at least twenty-one days prior to the date of the Meeting.  Delegates may only vote to elect Executive Committee members from their own geographic division.

The Meeting shall consider for approval the Annual Report and Statement of Accounts, prepared in conjunction with the Reporting Accountant, as presented by the Honorary Treasurer.

The Annual General Meeting shall consider any motion submitted in writing by a member Club. Notice of motion must be received by the Honorary Secretary at least twenty-one days prior to date of the Meeting.  An Agenda shall be sent to member clubs at least ten days before the Meeting.

No Rule of the Union shall be repealed or amended except by a majority of two-thirds of the delegates present and voting at a meeting of the Council. Affiliated clubs shall be given at least ten days’ notice of any proposed alteration or addition to the Rules.

Any matter of general interest raised at the Meeting may be discussed at the discretion of the Chairman but no resolution may be put, nor any vote taken, on issues not submitted formally in accordance with the Rules.

The President, or in his absence the Chairman, shall chair the Meeting.  If neither is able to attend the Meeting, the Executive Committee shall appoint a Chairman.

9. Special Meeting of Council

A Special Meeting of the Council shall be convened at any time by the Honorary Secretary either at the instance of the Executive Committee or upon receipt of a written request from representatives of any five clubs. Such a request must state the purpose for calling the Meeting.

Twenty eight days’ notice of such a Meeting, and the business to be considered, shall be given to all member clubs. Only business of which notice has been received shall be discussed at a Special Meeting. Where the Special Meeting is called at the request of any five member clubs, the Honorary Secretary shall set the date within fourteen days (giving not less than twenty eight days’ notice) of the receipt of the request.

Rules for the conduct and voting at Special Meetings shall be the same as those for the Annual General Meetings of Council.

10. Finance and Subscriptions

All monies raised by, or on behalf of, the Union shall be applied solely to further the aims and objectives of the Union.

Member clubs shall pay such sums as shall be decided from time to time by the Executive Committee as an Annual Subscription. This Subscription will be based on a fixed sum per male Member of all categories of Playing Membership with the exception of Country and Honorary Life members.  The Subscription shall be due on election to membership, or annually on the first day of January.

Any member club that has not paid the Annual Subscription required by these Rules may not take part in any of the Union’s affairs and events until such time as the sum demanded has been paid in full.  Any member club that fails to pay the annual subscription within thirty days of the due date shall be liable to expulsion from the Union.  Any club that ceases to be a member of the Union shall forfeit all rights to, or claim upon, the Union for its property and funds.

The County may also issue County Cards. The Executive Committee will be responsible for the regulation and administration of the County Card Scheme.

The financial year shall commence on the 1st of January in each year. The Honorary Treasurer shall record all financial transactions and prepare an Annual Statement of Accounts in the form of a revenue account and balance sheet made up to the previous 31st of December. The Honorary Secretary shall send out to the member clubs the Annual Statement of Accounts after it has been examined by the Reporting Accountant and approved by the Executive.  A notice convening the Annual General Meeting of Council shall be sent out at the same time and shall include a motion to elect a Reporting Accountant.

11. Property of the Union

The property including the trophies of the Union shall be vested in two or more Trustees appointed annually by Council.  The Trustees so appointed shall invest or otherwise deal with the property of the Union as directed by resolution of the Council – of which an entry in the Minutes shall be conclusive evidence – and shall be indemnified against risk and expense out of the Union property.

12. Championships

A meeting shall be held each year at which there will be a Competition to decide the Amateur Champion of the County Union. The Championship shall be in the form of 36 holes medal play (subject to any overriding decision by the Championship Committee), the winner being the competitor returning the lowest gross aggregate score over the 36 holes.  In the event of a tie, a play-off over at least 3 holes shall take place over the same course. Ties in the Junior Championship shall be decided in the same manner, but in all other events a tie shall be resolved by a card play-off.

County Championships, or any other competitions organised by the Union, shall be open to all male amateur golfers of a member club with a current CONGU® Handicap, including Juniors but excluding Country and Honorary Life Members. In addition to the County Championship, the Executive Committee shall organise such other Championships and Leagues, as it deems appropriate.

Regulations governing the entry and conduct of all the Union’s events will be set out by the Executive Committee.

13. County Colours

County colours may be worn by Officers and members of the Executive Committee and also by players who have represented the County and have satisfied the criteria determined by the Executive Committee.

14.  Discipline and Complaints

All matters relating to discipline of persons appointed or selected to represent the Union or competing in a championship or other competition organized by the Union shall, when there is cause to do so, be dealt with by the Executive Committee in accordance with procedures laid down by the Golf Union of Wales.

All complaints shall be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary who, if he is unable to deal with them himself, shall submit them to the Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final.

15. Dissolution

If, at any Annual General Meeting of the Union, a Resolution for the dissolution of the Union shall be passed by a two thirds majority of those members present and voting, the Honorary Secretary shall convene a Special General Meeting of the Union within the next twenty eight days, and if at that Meeting the Resolution be confirmed by a further Resolution being passed by a majority of not less than three quarters of members present and voting, the Executive Committee shall thereupon proceed to realize the assets of the Union and after discharge of all liabilities shall not make a distribution of any surpluses save to another non-profit making body or bodies, or charity or charities associated with golf, as shall be agreed by the Executive Committee.